​​Boucher's Upholstery

Morrisburg, Ontario

Cornwall Ontario

Corey, you are our go to guy for all upholstery needs.....

A.Johnson -Ottawa

St Lawrence River

Ottawa Ontario

I work at a marina , I've seen guys come and go , Corey is the real deal, work always completed in a timely manner, he's there right away after it stretches for adjustments or if something isn't just the way you like it, a kind likeable family man, price point is consistent and usually cheaper then some, and I've never heard someone unhappy with his work. I don't work for him , I don't know him out of work , I just get asked on a regular basis who I'd recommend and it's always him!.

           St. Lawrence Parks Employee


18 King Street, Chesterville,Ontario


Corey, You are an absolute MASTER of your trade! Awesome man.

                   Scott,Ottawa Ontario