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Custom Themed Chairs Available. 

Prices may vary

    Nautical Theme Chairs $425.00/set.

Located in our Chesterville Ont. store

Sunflower Chair $250.00

Available in our Chesterville Ont. store

 According to the Conference Board Of Canada ( 2008) , Canadians produce 777 kg of waste per person annually.

Much of this waste  includes all types of furniture which contributes to our landfills.

Boucher’s Upholstery is stepping up to help reduce the amount of furniture through the creation of 
“Side of the Road Designs”.

"Side of the Road Designs" was created through a simple conversation while travelling through the countryside from Cornwall to Ottawa! One day changed our way of thinking and we wanted to become part of the solution and not contribute further to the problem.

Our family will work hard to reduce our  own environmental footprint while we continue to provide our customers and clients the utmost in unique and quality upholstery.



18 King Street, Chesterville Ontario


      Custom Fire Rescue Bar Stools $50.00/each 

​SOLD OUT.....New Design coming soon!

                                               Side of the Road Designs
            “Working hard to reduce furniture waste through creative design”